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Purchase guidance.
During a Purchasing Supervision of your new home we, along with your agent, participate, we have many years of architectural experience. We can inform you directly about the condition of the house, and indicate the possibilities for renovations and energy savings, overdue maintenance, etc. Of course you can ask questions directly.

Insulation advice.
As a partner of the More-With-Less Program, Bouwbedrijf de Wit can advise you as no other regarding the insulation of your home.

Maintenance advice / planning.
Maintenance (of your home) is Conservation (of your home)
Are you also annoyed by that jamming door or window that closes so hard? Ask Bouwbedrijf de Wit about the maintenance contract for your home; we would like to check and adjust everything once a year!

Intrusion prevention.
Bouwbedrijf de Wit can make an inventory of all the fa├žade openings of your house and give advice on the basis of Police label, then you can go to bed again.

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